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9 Reasons Why Business VoIP is a Must for you

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has an assortment of incredible uses for business. In this article, we will impart ten uses to you and give you a touch of data about how these highlights can help your association. VoIP solutions are genuinely simple to send at most organizations, spares cash, and is rich with awesome business-accommodating highlights. We figure you might be astonished by what you can finish because of VoIP services.

Continue perusing to find ten incredible approaches to help your business utilizing VoIP. VoIP can enable your profitability, to keep your business streamlined, and enable you to deal with your group.

1. Conferences- Voice and video

You can set up telephone calls with various members, because of VoIP highlights. One phone call highlight incorporates extensive quantities of members, connecting together brings with over a hundred people. This is extraordinary in the event that you intend to have a substantial meeting, class or gathering. You can have a video gathering or simply utilize sound, on the off chance that you do as such.

2. Call Screening

With call screening, you can screen out specific calls to enable you to expand your efficiency and furthermore enable you to maintain a strategic distance from calls from con artists or other people who ought not call your telephone framework.  

3. Entryway Passage Bell

Another imaginative utilization of VoIP has you make an entryway bell by coordinating your cell phone, your VoIP framework and your security framework together. You can have your entryway bolt/open instrument controlled from your cell phone and choose on the off chance that you need to enable individuals at your way to enter the building. You can set up a video and sound encourage to the entryway and see and speak with them before choosing on the off chance that you need to open the entryway—making this an awesome approach to enhance your building's security usefulness and furthermore monitor who is traveling every which way at your business.

4. Phone message to Email

You can have your voice messages interpreted to your email, so you can read the full content of your messages, on the off chance that you need, and access them abide far from your telephone. This can make it less complex to deal with your phone message. That way, you have your voice message and messages across the board place and you don't need to leave your email screen to get your messages on the two frameworks.

5. Music on Hold

At the point when individuals call your business, what do they hear when they are on hold? Many organizations still do leave this clear and have nothing play back for guests, yet it bodes well to set up this element on your VoIP account so guests don't hang up out of fatigue or disappointment. This can help keep guests on your telephone longer, so you don't chance losing significant business. You can set up the music to dependably play at whatever point guests are put on hold.

6. Fin/ follow me feature

This feature keeps your telephone framework working at whatever point individuals are far from their work areas and can't answer the telephone. As you go on business trips, advance out of the workplace or go home to complete your work remotely, you may need your telephone calls tail you there. It is reasonable to set up your business telephone framework that way, at whatever point conceivable.

Along these lines, as well, summons to cell phones from the workplace can at present give off an impression of being dealt with inside the workplace building. Indeed, even cell phones appear as though they are simply operators noting calls as a feature of a similar telephone line. Regardless of where your operators are, they can take an interest as a feature of the telephone framework.

7. Remote Working

You can even work remotely with VoIP, making it simpler to make tracks in an opposite direction from your office. Or on the other hand, you can set up an office at home, make a conveyed group and work from anyplace, and so forth. With VoIP services, you are not confined by geology. You can contract your group from anyplace and have them all associated into a similar telephone framework, as though they were a piece of the same physical office area. This can enable you to finish more at work and lift your efficiency, as well. With dispersed groups winding up increasingly normal, numerous organizations require an approach to keep everybody in close correspondence. VoIP can make that conceivable.

8. Call Need

You can set need rules for calls coming in to your telephone lines, making it conceivable to effortlessly dismiss calls or forward them to different expansions in light of need levels. You can likewise set up call lines that assistance channel calls as indicated by need. Doing this is useful for organizations that are keen on controlling who is calling, how calls are replied, and who answers telephone out of this world in.

For example, in the event that you need to ensure inside calls from administration are taken care of quickly rather than tossed into the telephone line, you can set up the telephone line to organize calls rolling in from those particular telephone numbers. You can likewise set up various levels of client benefit, in the event that you need, enabling a few clients to have higher need in the telephone lines.

9. Barge in and Whisper Highlights

Did you know you can even give preparing and criticism to specialists while they are amidst a call with a client? Utilizing freight ship, you can enter a call and tune in, enabling the operator to think about it or keeping that a mystery from them. In any case, the guest has no clue you are tuning in to the call. With whisper highlights, you can make notes and send them to specialist amid the call and discuss continuously with the operator while they are on the telephone, and the client does not know. This makes it less demanding to give preparing to specialists while they are amidst telephone calls.

You can utilize this as a quality control work, as well, permitting you or somebody from your group to tune in on calls and either remain covered up to the operator or enable the specialist to know they are being watched. It makes it simpler to know about what specialists are doing on the telephone and how they are taking care of calls.

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Wednesday, 6 December 2017

5 Measures you must try out to prevent VoIP hackers and fraud

It’s pretty easy to hack into VoIP systems with the help of hackers, frauds etc. but, this can be taken under control with the help of the hacks given below. Are you wondering about what happens when your business VoIP phone or, call centre phone is hacked into? You’re prone to all kinds of cyber-crimes like toll- fraud, virus alerts etc.

For start- ups, small businesses, etc., losing out on thousands of dollars can turn out to be a major damage. Which is why, we’re here at your disposal, and we’re here to provide you with the best ways to prevent such scenarios:

Before that, know the importance of protecting your VoIP phone system- 
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has yet to release regulations for VoIP fraud, which means that the customer is still held financially liable for hacked calls. 

1. Protect Phone and Account Credentials

Ensure your phones are protected and account credentials too
A recent study said that 40% of internet users have experienced their accounts getting hacked. Their notifications are altered, passwords are stolen and so on. With businesses at stake, this kind of a hack can make the business fall apart. Sometimes, all it takes to hack your device is a Google search.

Most VoIP providers provide with pre- set passwords which is available online. Phone web may not have any automatic lock so, it’s easy to attack your interface with unlimited keygen passwords. However, you must be careful at all times.

Post buying a new business phone, here’s what you must do- change the password. If not done so, there are high chances for you to forget about it, leading to severe problems. A suggestion- try changing your password at least once in 6 months if you care about your account, meeting the following criteria:

  • Minimum 12 characters
  • Special characters, numbers, lower case, upper case, etc.
  • Don’t make your password very obvious

Ensure you update the admin portal password for your VoIP service provider as well. Else, it can be damaging. In fact, you should give the credentials to people who need it- not declare it out loud!

2. Network Address Translation (NAT)- Enable it!

The beauty of NAT is that it has the ability to provide your VoIP phone, computers and other devices with a private IP address which only LAN can see./with the help of this process, a barrier is created between the traffic from the open internet and the phone! If the hacker cannot locate the IP address of your device, he definitely cannot hack into your system!

For the ones who are taking NAT and hacking very lightly, well, don’t! You are more vulnerable to attacks. Make the most out of this wonderful shield.

3. Phone Web Interface- disable it!

The web interface in your VoIP phone is the one which provides room for your IP phone to upgrade, change properties etc. It can download a backup configuration of the phone, which will reveal the usernames and passwords of the phone's users in plain text.
Once the phone web interface is enabled, your network is most vulnerable for fraudent purposes. It’s not compulsory for the hacker to be on the LAN- all he needs is the phones private IP address!
Passwords which are highly difficult may also not help you protect your phone from getting hacked. Remember, you receive pre- set passwords? Even if the password was changed, the hacker can discover the credentials using key cracking software.
There’s a high possibility that your IP phone hasn’t been locked in spite of previous attempts. Remember, a hacker is capable of trying out 10 different passwords each second! Once he’s hacked into your system, your phone, configuration etc., it’s all under his control!
What’s recommended is that you turn off your phone’s web interface. Re- enabling is possible so, reach out to your VoIP providers and they’ll help you out!

4. Close Port 80 must be closed with a Firewall

A port is nothing but an active channel to the internet on your router. VoIP phones require LAN connections for accessing the internet! 
Port 80 is particularly susceptible to hackers, because the traffic is HTTP, the kind you come across on most websites. The web interface for your VoIP phone is also in HTTP, which means that hackers can potentially burrow into Port 80 on your router, and access the web interface as if it were any other public website. Until you close Port 80, your phone's web interface will have a public IP address that anyone on the internet can access. That's why you should close port 80 with a firewall.

5. Disable International Calling

Disable international calling if you ain’t making any! Try purchasing a calling card instead, ensuring you keep track of your phone records as well. Reason being, it’s convenient from any acker across the world to just make an international call and hack into your systems in the span of seconds.
 Prevent frauds and hackers coming into your work life by making the most out these preventive measures. Else, you can always rely upon the best of VoIP providers in India, USA, Canada etc., wherever you are.

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

How VoIP has in- sync with market shifts & trends

As you know, VoIP has gone from where it was to where it is and heading towards where it should be! The changes are drastic to the level wherein, PSTN and the old PBXs have been overshadowed by IP PBX, VoIP providers like IP Momentum, Skype etc. dawning the age of unified communications (UC)!

 You won't believe it, the VoIP technology businesses, call centers, homes, etc. invested in got changed to the VoIP services today because it's been growing so well, so fast!

UC, which permits interoperability between specialized gadgets, has generally extended the idea of correspondence. Organizations, introducing PBX a couple of years prior to convey inside now see it an indispensable segment of their correspondence. Essentially, facilitated interchanges is being anticipated to supplant on-start arrangements in the coming decade. How about we see a portion of the mainstream terms and patterns in correspondence throughout the years. 

Hot Terms in VoIP – 2014 

The accompanying chart demonstrates a correlation between the prominence of the referenced terms in 2014 and their least level of notoriety according to Google patterns. 

In a scale where '100' means the 'most' and '0' remains for the 'slightest', the most inclining term in view of late information appears to be BYOD, which signifies 'bring your own gadget' (like phone) to work as opposed to for the most part acknowledged terms like 'video conferencing'. Another term 'versatility customer' which implies the application that enables cell phones to gel in with UC framework additionally demonstrates a boosting pattern. 

The accompanying table demonstrates a portion of the terms as per their notoriety. They have been positioned by their pinnacle prevalence. 

Brought together correspondences as an administration, contracted as 'UCaaS' is likewise a standout amongst the most well-known terms today. The prominence of UC as an administration demonstrates the universe of business is moving to cloud interchanges. 

Late Shift to Cloud 

A couple of years back, organizations would spend on a customized bit of equipment to incorporate voice activity with broadband. This would likewise require extra spending in experienced IT group. Today, we see the greater part of this gradually being supplanted by simple to-introduce and-oversee cloud correspondence. 

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In any case, that doesn't preclude the space for on-introduce correspondence frameworks, particularly in bigger firms. By the by, littler and medium estimated associations have more than one motivation to look for cloud-based correspondence. What was for the most part restrictive to little mid endeavors is relied upon to oust on-preface arrangements. The forecast by advertising investigators is fortified from patterns ascertained for Google Trends. 

'IP PBX' Vs. 'Facilitated PBX' 

'Facilitated PBX', notwithstanding an early top in 2006, remains genuinely steady. IP PBX then again has fallen and may, in the end, lose to facilitated PBX's prominence. 
Brought together Communication in Businesses 
As was implied sometime recently, PBX has turned out to be substantially more than a negligible instrument of cost investment funds. Today, it has developed such a great amount of, a large portion of PBXs offers some kind of UC arrangement. 

UC – regardless of having changed the possibility of correspondence inside an organization – has much work ahead as far as United interchanges, which is correspondence between at least two organizations. Once unified correspondence sees more consideration from organizations, it will tremendously enhance their ROI by getting all providers, accomplices and production network sellers under a similar rooftop. 

Portability in UC 

UC's most recent advancement comes through cell phones which have taken the need of facilitated answers for the following level. Presently, organizations aren't bound by a physical telephone. The information got from Google Trends goes down that the slant towards versatility customers and desktop UC customers is consistently expanding. Truth be told, individuals utilize UC customers 10 times more than their physical work area telephones. The similarity is a key factor for most organizations looking for UC arrangement. 
Observe the accompanying course of events. 

UC Features – Top Terms until 2017 

Desktop sharing took after by video conferencing have been well-known patterns in the past, however, them two are seeing a progressive decrease. Then again, terms like 'versatility customer' and 'nearness data' who are fairly new, are going higher in looks. Another term, which is being anticipated to change the fate of broadcast communications is said to be 'portable VoIP' which will, as a result, wipe out the need of cell arranges in organizations. 

WebRTC – Future of Communication? 

WebRTC is additionally much foreseen API in coming future. This programming interface, which is relied upon to offer direct interchanges (video and voice) through the program, may very well wipe out the requirement for other modules or applications. Nonetheless, the advance has been fairly moderate in spite of its expanding notoriety since 2011. 

Interest for VoIP Security Measures 

Yet, there has likewise been an awesome ascent insecurity issues in the previous decade. This has incited more individuals and organizations to look for secure VoIP arrangements. 
Coincidentally, this does not show that changes are not being made; feasible arrangements simply aren't as far-reaching. 

Taste Trunking Market 

Taste trunking allows quality voice movement and is additionally instrumental in taking a toll investment funds separated from being solid. Taste's market ups by 50 percent consistently exclusively in light of the fact that the organizations incline toward including more data transfer capacity rather than lines to adapt to their development. This development is likewise expected to proceed later on. About 30-40 percent of associations consider the move to SIP and on the off chance that they haven't moved totally, there might be room more for success. 

PBX is still everywhere, going versatile, as well as incorporating inside itself, a huge range of specialized apparatuses. Clients are pushing more toward PBX as the line amongst it and UC gets hazier. 

UC customers concentrating on the incorporation of portable and desktop are trendier than those focusing on conventional highlights. 

Web RTC once culminated will be one of the most smoking specialized devices sought after inferable from its capacity to enhance correspondence without help frame extra applications. 
In conclusion, with SIP and cloud innovation on the blast, organizations – especially the little and medium ones will have the capacity to grow past points of confinement.

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Friday, 13 October 2017

3 Prime Advantages of VoIP Services for offices

VoIP has been financially accessible for more than 20 years. What keeps on being a strong offering point for VoIP, however isn't regularly pushed, are the advantages for back-office laborers. These are the general population who configuration, introduce, bolster and keep up data innovation situations. What are the advantages for them and how would they add to the proficiency of the business?

VoIP Advantages - IP Momentum

Configuration Advantages with VoIP 

Link plant configuration is one of the primary contemplations for innovation engineers while moving into another office. VoIP providers in India have opened up alternatives amid the plan and planning process. A few frameworks let you run one line to the telephone. The association with the PC is built up utilizing a PC jack in the VoIP telephone. This successfully slices down the middle the quantity of drops required for the link plant. 

VoIP systems are additionally effectively adaptable. The way toward adding another telephone to a current VoIP switch includes connecting it to the system. Once controlled, the telephone starts a fast introduction schedule, and after that it is prepared for utilize. 

The diminished time and push to include or move VoIP IP phones permit technical support to rapidly setup brief preparing or 'war' rooms. This simplicity of establishment gives a professional, with negligible preparing, the capacity to perform many changes in a short measure of time. 

Transportability Benefits for the Back Office 

Remote access and VPNs are utilized as an approach to expand the desktop. At the point when VoIP first wound up plainly accessible for business, compactness was an element that was elevated yet hard to convey. A transmission capacity impediment at the offsite area was the main hindrance. For the greater part of individuals, transfer speed gag focuses are never again an issue. 

Business PBX frameworks that offer Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) can utilize their desktop voice applications with their business telephone framework. For street warriors, this implies going with a tablet and headset to direct business as though they were in the workplace. PC programming replaces a physical office phone. 

How does this profit the back-office bolster tech? It decreases the time spent investigating issues for representatives who go for business or work from home. Utilizing remote access and other checking instruments, the tech can offer help from their area. 

VoIP gives the innovation to suit remote clients in the workplace. Hoteling specialists utilization of office space may change from visit to visit. Technical support can arrange VoIP telephones with the goal that the hoteling laborer will have a telephone number that will tail them. Very late changes to plans occur in an office situation. Technical support can respond and ensure the specialist can amplify efficiency in the workplace. 

Utilizing VoIP to Promote Advanced Technology 

Back-office faculty have an enthusiasm for advancing propelled innovation. They acknowledge how innovation can enable the business to thrive and develop. In addition, they perceive how it enhances their efficiency. 

Voice message mix with email was one of the most punctual relational unions of innovation amongst voice and information frameworks. Today, organizations are enhancing that innovation by changing over voice messages to email and content. Before VoIP, this kind of execution was once in a while financially savvy or even actually attainable. 

Equipment costs and successive clashes between telephone frameworks and email servers made actualizing this innovation all the more a weight and, hence, a low need. That isn't the situation today. These highlights are coordinated applications that keep running on a current VoIP server. 

Advancing highlights of VoIP has been an offering point for front-office laborers and chiefs. Back-office technical support and system designs additionally value the advantages of a VoIP business framework. VoIP costs less to buy and keep up than a conventional simple PBX. It takes into consideration convenience with the goal that anybody can utilize it to expand their virtual office. VoIP frameworks are include rich and offer something helpful for everybody in an association.

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Wednesday, 13 September 2017

5 Things you must know before becoming a VoIP reseller

An upcoming career is right here for you if you want to earn money in no time and with minimal labor- try out being a VoIP reseller, maybe? VoIP is a dominating telecom platform with steady growth and simple processing making it not just customer- centric but, you- the VoIP reseller- centric as well!
Here are 5 things you must be aware of before becoming a VoIP reseller:

1. Be passionate towards what you’re opting for as a career.

This is a general thing you must be aware of and practice at all times. The moment you love something, especially your career, you’ll definitely have so much dedication towards the welfare of it. When it comes to VoIP reselling, you need to have knowledge about VoIP services in India, toll- free number plans in USA, UK, Australia and so on, vanity number plans, etc. in order to ensure 100% sales with regard to your business. If not, read about VoIP, experience VoIP, and love VoIP!

Remember, the moment personal experiences come into sales (Positive ones) your product is definitely sold out!

2. Look out for the best of vendors.

This is a primary factor if you want to and are serious about becoming a VoIP reseller. Competitive prices should not be your criteria while looking out for the- one! Look out for aspects like hidden fees, licensing agreements, etc. for best deals.
Yes, the initial costs of investing on VoIP is high but, post that, you’ll have so much freedom you can enjoy, the control over your business, everything shall be yours. Above all, the profits are huge with the kind of job role you have and you have nothing to worry about as you’re technically operating under the company you’re the VoIP reseller for, following the rules of the brand, keeping it simple.

3. Aware of the ins and outs of VoIP services? If not, do it right away!

For you to become a successful VoIP reseller, all you need to be is, pitch in your services just the right away! Always cater to the bottom- a line of your business, highlighting the most exceptional features of VoIP providers in India like IP Momentum- here, they provide with multiple toll- free number plans, unlimited calling plans VoIP, smart features for all kinds of requirements, etc.
 Here, what’s done is, I’ve marketed IP Momentum just the right way, providing my prospects with information which is relevant to them.
You can also educate your prospects with regard to its affordability, accessibility, etc. which is so different from traditional phones!

4. Make sure you’ve obtained necessary software.

It’s a very critical step for you as a VoIP reseller- ensure that you obtain the correct software which is required for installation, ensuring that your launch your platform successfully. Necessary software programs are contingent on the VoIP services you invest in.

5. Find your prospects- find your market

What is your business without a market? VoIP resellers like you must be focused upon the demographics, consider providing services o a local level, developing a core group of customers. For example, take VoIP providers in Bangalore, India- that’s more of a specific demographic location- we can go area- wise too. However, you must think about business VoIP, home VoIP, call center VoIP etc.- depending upon which one you’re reselling, your location should also change.

It can be exhaustive to become a VoIP reseller sometimes but, imagine- you’re helping loved ones, business men, customers get in touch with call centers etc. in no time, at the most affordable rates- making everyone’s life easier.

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Thursday, 10 August 2017

A comparative study between VoIP services and GSM

GSM, in simple words, are the sim cards we use to make calls using smart phones. Thanks to VoIP, things have changed for the better. Because of the introduction to VoIP services in India, GSM calls have been reduced drastically especially, with regard to international calling because of VoIP offers like unlimited calling plans VoIP to USA, UK, Canada, Europe etc.

Here are 6 points which shall give you a comparative analysis with regard to which is better- GSM or, VoIP:

1. Cost of international calling: Imagine, you're an Indian and, want to fly to the USA- would you buy a local sim or, opt for the holiday number by VoIP providers which is way more cheaper? VoIP is taking over GSM, traditional calling systems and so on at a very fast pace for the better.

2. Prices for local calls: When you opt for SIM cards, keep in mind the tariffs for each call you make within the country- it should not be expensive for you. Which is why VoIP calls are a great choice to make- enjoy unlimited calling plans VoIP!

3. Internet connection availability: GSM does not need the internet unless you install apps like WhatsApp, Facebook etc. and make VoIP calls via that. However, when it comes to VoIP solutions, it's a must to own a good internet connection as data packets are sent across via this channel which cannot be compromised.

4. The level of protection of SIM cards: It's easy to commit SIM card frauds, block the SIM and so on. You may or may not come to know the source. However, if you look at the way VoIP functions, it's a cakewalk to track down the sinner. Make this system anti- fraud with VoIP providers in India and all across the globe.

5. A number of communication channels: Did you know, VoIP providers can readily provide with 16, 32 etc. connections- what about SIM cards? Just to receive 1 duplicate SIM card, there will be so much ruckus and, it's impossible for 32 connections from the same connection!

6.  Technical support:: Since VoIP is a technical product in comparison to GSM, there's up-to-date 24*7 customer services available for the customers of VoIP. However- look at GSM, something goes wrong and, they shut down and come back to take calls once the problem is over in order to escape explaining to their customers what exactly went wrong!

You've got a clear difference between 2 services, providing with so much difficulty as well as ease- now, it's your turn to pick out the right choice! Especially, businesses!


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Sunday, 30 July 2017

VoIP Tutorial- A Deep Understanding About VoIP

Let's get to the root of VoIP- what exactly is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a technology wherein, data packets are the medium used to transmit information from one point to another over using devices like computers, phones etc. It's an affordable alternative to make calls especially, international calls. You'll save huge amounts of money once you switch from PSTN to VoIP services with just monthly fees, all thanks to unlimited calling plans VoIP, toll- free number plans and more.

All you need is, is an IP phone, quality broadband connection, VoIP headsets to go about basic VoIP calling on a daily basis.

Here's how VoIP works:

Voice is converted via an ATA or, IP phone from analog signals to digital signals.
Then, it's sent in data packets to the desired location(s.)
Your call can be received by all kinds of phones without any glitches.
Enjoy multiple features like click to call, music on hold, video conferencing, call forwarding, etc. which is 100% beneficial for home VoIP, business VoIP and call center VoIP users as well.

VoIP is a very fast-developing technology however, not everyone's aware of it. VoIP providers all across the globe are trying to help prospects make the most out of it and let go off of PSTN. Not only is it affordable but, it's a shift from the traditional, time-consuming calling system, saving up on time, money, energy and more.

Also, you can receive and make calls no matter where you go, make calls PC- to- PC, phone-to-phone and so on which is one of the most basic yet, essential features of VoIP.

All who have an internet connection at work or, at home, try out VoIP services, reach out to VoIP providers in India, Singapore, USA, UK, and so on and make calls to anyone and everyone for free with unlimited calling plans VoIP.

But, do remember one thing- VoIP is basic, it's developing, it's wonderful- it's THE Present and the future!

But, what about the technicalities needed to get a VoIP phone or, a network installed?

All you need is (in most cases,) 128kbps broadband connection, a DSL/ Cable, T1 or wireless- all up to you!
Also, enjoy multiple perks by installing VoIP at your workplace as well as home like:
  • unlimited calling plans VoIP
  • smart features like call hunting, holiday number, etc.
  • 24*7 reliable customer services
  • flexibility and customization of plans
  • virtual numbers- toll- free number plans, vanity number plans
  • Portability and much more!


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Thursday, 13 July 2017

How Exactly Are VoIP Calls Routed?

A friend once asked me what VoIP is and why people are so amazed by the idea of VoIP- I told him all about it- like, it stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, it's a flexible, IP based system and is apt for the trending business needs, modern communications and more. Most importantly, people are crazy about it because of it's affordability!

Post mentioning all this- he asked how VoIP calls are routed- I, being a VoIP service provider in India, paused and thought of it.

So, do you want to know about it as well? Let's do this!

Let's start with this- What is VoIP call routing?

It may seem simple but, it's a multi- diverse process. Take this as an example- PSTN's condition to call route was via data packets and not copper lines. That is exactly what it means- how calls are entertained or handled by technology of today.

Call forwarding- What's that?

That's another part to this blog- It's a method of call routing which is often made use of by companies or, working families wherein, they're away from home but, want to make sure that they only respond to the calls they receive.

For instance, an employee sets a rule that all the calls made to his work number are to be transferred to his cell every Wednesday and Friday. The entire re- routing process, in simple words, is called call forwarding. However, it can be routed to the entire team as well, wherein, the team member receives the call and the purpose is taken care of.

When it comes to enterprises, its an add on with regard to PSTN which is going to cost them a lot. Most companies did not encourage this service for a long time until, VoIP services in India came up.

VoIP call routing without PSTN

Please accept one fact- PSTN is almost dead and will definitely die in the near future. However, at the moment, PSTN is acting as a neutral ground which comes in as a second option with regard to making unlimited calls, long distance calls and more. However, with VoIP services rising and VoIP providers too, 2 important issues have come up- the caller ID privacy and policy issues and interoperability issues too!

VoIP call routing within enterprises

Business VoIP and call center VoIP come in the picture here wherein, companies need to connect with on another internally. It’s essential as it upscales and makes the entire process at work a little complicated because of assumed issues like the cost, the adding of connections bit and more. However, there are many VoIP services which provide with exceptional connectivity amongst enterprises, making it easy and affordable for the customers to make international calls via unlimited calling plans VoIP, toll- free number plans- USA, UK, Canada, Europe and more in no time, with 98% network availability guaranteed.

Give VoIP services a chance- if not at work, maybe, home VoIP? It's a very affordable source to make use of to make calls, use their additional features which we've only seen on TV like the voice mail feature or, faxing over IP, click to call and more.

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Friday, 26 May 2017

How do VoIP services exactly work?

One of the latest trends for a long time now, VoIP services is still not known to a lot of us. And, that's just fine. VoIP is the way to change our perceptions about long- distance calling! With VoIP services, you can send out small data packets over the phone or any other medium via the internet. VoIP is the most beneficial style to make free phone calls as you can bypass several additional charges and evolve with technology as well.

VoIP is an exceptional, revolutionary technology and has immense potential to overcome major problems like expensive overseas, local calling, video conferencing and more.

VoIP is a very clever revolutionary of the wheel and has 300% capacity to uproot the traditional PSTN phone systems!

There are 3 kinds of VoIP services used commonly today:

1. ATA- Or, Analog Telephone Adapter is a way to connect your standard phone to your PC or, internet connection to ensure it's made use of with VoIP. ATA converts PSTN in to digital data transmission via the internet. VoIP providers like IP Momentum provide with affordable, unlimited VoIP calling plans all across the globe.  

2. IP phones- They're specialized phones which look like the regular phones with a cradle, buttons, handset and more. They're directly connected to the router and have all the software and hardware right on- board to handle your IP calls. Wi-Fi hotspot can be used to make calls anytime, anywhere!

3. Computer to computer- The easiest of all- there's no need pay for long distance calls! All you need is a microphone, a set of speakers, a sound card, and a high-speed internet connection. They have to pat monthly ISP fees else, they do not have any major charges.

VoIP services are an exceptional service with so many benefits to make use of. Be it their affordable calling rates to smart features like video conferencing, click to call, music on hold etc., there are VoIP providers in India like IP Momentum who guarantee all customer 98% network availability guaranteed and 24*7 customer support too.

It's a must for all of us to try and adapt to VoIP services and get in touch with VoIP vendors like these to evolve with technology. If not so, you'll get lost in the process of sticking to the past.

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Friday, 28 April 2017

1 in 7 people are going to opt for VoIP services in 2017- True or false?

It's been predicted that over a million users are going to opt for mobile VoIP services by 2017 due to thankful reasons like dynamic technology, mobility, affordability and more.

VoIP Service Providers in India

However, in spite of VoIP services affordability factor, people may still be willing to pay for it- in fact, only a negligible will pay for VoIP services to their VoIP service providers.

According to a report by Anthony Cox, people are probably subscribing for VoIP services without planning to pay a cent for it.

However, the best VoIP service providers in India and USA, UK and several other countries, VoIP players have become more dignifies, sophisticated and more with regard to offering their VoIP services- be it business VoIP or call center VoIP or home VoIP. Also, they're finding ways to obtain profits from their services!

Following are a few findings which must grab your attention:

VoIP companies are opening their respective APIs to third parties like mobile operators to obtain revenues
4G is definitely going to accelerate mobile VoIP services sign- ups but, the overall revenues may be affected negatively

In spite of such intense competition, people are still signing up for business VoIP services due to reasons like quality video calling and efficient usage of several other smart features which VoIP solutions provide us with

VoIP has several benefits which no other service can provide with like unlimited calling plans VoIP, smart features like messaging over IP, holiday numbers, call forwarding, click to call, music on hold and more. In fact, the beauty of VoIP is that they're priceless- call centers, who barely make any profits can also make benefits by buying toll- free numbers, vanity numbers, etc.

It's just sad how we all want everything for free and have still not reached the level where we've let gone off PSTN services which are way more expensive and no-so-user-friendly and are probably going to take a long long time to make sure everyone switches to VoIP services!

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Monday, 10 April 2017

5 Reasons For Choosing VoIP Services

VoIP or, VoIP over Internet Protocol had an aim- to help all communicate all across the globe without any network glitches and to make affordable calls. The beauty of VoIP is it's phone bills- they're affordable and several VoIP service providers provide with unlimited VoIP calling plans.

Yes, VoIP services do have a couple of drawbacks which can be ignored to enjoy the most affordable, quality- oriented calling services.

Reasons To Choose VoIP

Following are 5 reasons for choosing VoIP services:

1. Make huge savings

Remember, the good, old yet, super expensive PSTN services? Yes, it was a milestone for us but, the new milestone is VoIP. When it comes to PSTN services, the bill is issued on the basis of a number of minutes spent on talking whereas, VoIP service providers in India and other countries provide with unlimited calling plans VoIP, making sure they pay only a certain, minimal amount and talk overseas endlessly! Studies have shown that, compared to using a PSTN line, using VoIP can potentially make you save up to 40 % on local calls, and up to 90 % on international calls.

2. Simultaneous conversations

There are several VoIP providers in India who have come up with several smart features, one of them being video conferencing, and more which help multiple people communicate at a time. It can vary from more than 1 person to an entire team! VoIP compresses data packets during the process of transmission, making sure more data can be handled by the carrier.

3. Multiple smart features

Be it business VoIP or call center VoIP solutions, smart features are always a plus point for your businesses. Be it the voice mail feature or, click to call, music on hold, call forwarding and more, it's always a plus point because, you don't have to waste money on flying overseas or, you don't have to get up just to talk to a co- worker and more! You can save up on a lot of time just by making good use of these smart features.

4.Efficient usage of bandwidth

Did you know, about 50% of a voice conversation is all about silence? VoIP fills the empty gaps with data to save up on space, to prevent wastage. VoIP services have the ability to save up on space, compress data and more, preventing wastage of any resource you're making use of while communicating.

5. Flexible network layout

VoIP is not too specific with regard to its topology- however, VoIP services are best used when there is a high-quality Wi-Fi connection. While using VoIP, PSTN services' complexities are eliminated, bringing in the great management of data packets and more. Also, there's less equipment management.

VoIP providers are emerging today but, very few are quality- oriented.Yes, all VoIP service providers provide with the features mentioned above but, due to glitches like bad wi-fi connection and more, your VoIP services don't work out well.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

A small business VoIP phone service provider with big features- Which are those?

Not every business has an edge with regard to popularity, name and more. But, there are some small business VoIP service providers you there with these incredible VoIP solutions. Yet, it's not been up-scaled yet. As a customer, all you need is ease in settling down with the system. Here are a few features and must- criteria's which need to be focused down to while opting for you business VoIP provider. 

VoIP Features IP Momentum

Quality of Service- QoS, as the name suggests shall allow routers to prioritize- choose specific kinds of data traffic, ensuring high-quality service. This simple setting is very dynamic or can act on it's own and can transform any old basic router into a wonderfully capable device!

Dual bad wireless support- Be it 5 GHz or, 2.4 GHz, this dual band has the capability to transmit on 2 different frequencies. The traffic is very much separate, not cluttered even a bit. Yes, tri- band is the in- thing but, it's expensive. So, why not go for the dual band wireless support and make your office fit for all devices one just one router!

Solid number of LAN ports- Number of ports equal to number of devices which can be hardwired. Therefore, the ports too will be merrier. Gigabyte LAN ports are perfect for companies who aim big, are looking for great reliability and a boost for extra speed too

1 WAN port, please?- Wide Area Network is all about multiple LANs in different locations. A router, connected to LAN to the WAN is what's going to do the trick! Multiple WAN ports allow room for extra features like Load Balancing, WAN Backup and more

VLAN Support- VLAN or Virtual Local Area Network is a group of devices connected with one or more LANs. VLAN can help businesses separate their devices as per their departments or networks. For instance, take HR- it'll have it's agents connected with one another via VLAN.

Bottom line being, VoIP services are essential for businesses to expand- be it within the city or country or all across the globe- great inter connectivity are one of the reasons behind each MNCs success. For instance, you are calling from India, you wish to get in touch with the headquarter of your company which is in USA- It's only via business VoIP services that the communication will be success as, emails can be deceptive and verbal or video communication are way better than other kinds if, you can't get in touch with the people you been wanting to contact.


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Monday, 13 March 2017

The Profit Crisis- Is it Really A Crisis?

Well, the way businesses are going today, it seems like there is a major profit crisis issue. In fact, a study recently found that of the 28 million small businesses in the US, about 83% are not profitable. This is the case only in the USA. Imagine the rest of the countries like India, UK and more. The statistics mentioned above can say one thing for sure- small businesses are likely to close leading to reducing job opportunities and no income for millions of people, families, etc. 

IP Momentum VoIP Crisis

How is it that majority of small businesses are failing to make profits? Turns out, it's all about the profit mindset. It's usually strategised for them as the 'bottom line' or the 'year- end profit.' Profit is considered to be the amount paid post paying all the bills. 

The problem here is, nothing is really left over. Profit is considered to be the final countdown or, a long last achievement. Well, profit ain't waiting for you to arrive, it'll be someone else's if you don't make it!

What small businesses need today is business VoIP phone service- VoIP solutions are just what you need. Why? Well, not only is it an investment, it's a great way for you to save in the long run. Not just save, save big! 

If you're a call center start- up, go for call center VoIP solutions. Remember, you have to make multiple calls outside India and it's going to cost you a lot if you do not sign up for VoIP services. You can choose global unlimited VoIP calling solutions wherein, you can make unlimited calls all across the globe at the most affordable rates. 

Also, you need perspective to solve this crisis- a new one. Your way of perceiving matters must change, every single bit of revenue shall contribute to your company's growth, giving you huge profits in the long run!

You can keep a certain amount as your profit. But, how will you pay your bills? Don't you worry- you’ll find a way out. You may end up drumming up more business or, find a better way to make things work!

As an entrepreneur, you must know how to get in touch and buy the best VoIP service or, succeed and make sure payments are made and profits are taken care of too. If you want your business to thrive, you've got to work towards it, make compromises and this and that. 

Owe it to yourself, your company your people, your family!

Adopt the newest aim- profit comes first!

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Sunday, 26 February 2017

5 Major Benefits of Call Center VoIP Solutions

Call centers have so much work- why not help call centers obtain maximum profits, enjoy hard work? Here are 5 major benefits if call centers switch to VoIP service providers in India. VoIP solutions are very affordable, cost- effective, and does not need too much investment for great results!

There are several benefits to call center VoIP services. However, following are the 5 major benefits of call center VoIP solutions

Scalability- Growth now is just a phone call away! The beauty of VoIP for call centers is that they are very flexible- you may have to upgrade your VoIP software's once in a few years and that is the last thing you'll have to do post years of expansion and success. You VoIP service provider needs to grow with you which by the way, it's capable of!

Affordability- Call center VoIP is very affordable in comparison to PSTN services. Be it the monthly payments or, maintenance or up gradation costs, it's all affordable. Also, their global unlimited calling plans are the best!

Accessibility- Call centers' equipments can be confusing and daunting especially, when it comes to multiple calls! But, VoIP providers take most responsibilities and lighten the shoulders of VoIP service providers in India! The VoIP provider shall make sure that he provides you with the most accessible VoIP solutions!

Reporting- Well, what's the heart of any call center? It's the phone calls, right? So, with effective and accurate tracing and reporting shall help you work on each employee of your call center. Look for the right provider of VoIP in India to help you track down each movement of your employee at work!

Smart features- Well, it's essential for call centers to have fun. Which is why, call center VoIP providers are providing them with several smart features which are fun to use and very essential too- features like click to call, music on hold, predictive dialing and more! Also, do not settle for options you need- explore- see which feature may make you huge. For instance, look at the video conferencing feature or, messaging over IP feature- the probably are not needed in any call center. However, what if you want to make yourself available to your callers using any mode of communication you wish to?

You need to have an open mind for everything- especially, call centers.  This is an expanding business. People are increasingly joining call center. However, they're not being able to stay back due to the right kind of employee engagement. 

Remember, you respect your employees, they’ll respect you back!

Make the most out of VoIP services and see the change. 

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Monday, 20 February 2017

How Call Center VoIP Solutions Enhancing Medium And Small Scale Businesses

Call centers, my friends are not just about expensive infrastructure or rows and rows of cubicles! Today, call centers are referred to as a set of features that aims towards great management of call flow, efficiency and more. All thanks to call center VoIP solutions, all sizes of businesses can benefit from this wonderful technology at affordable rates!

A call center today will definitely save you lots of money-

There was a time when call centers were meant for only he, well- established businesses. Call centers were considered to by lavish expenses due to their expenses and this and that. Now, that ain't really the case, all thanks to VoIP for call center. It helped employees connect with one another, get in touch with them when in doubt, while talking to clients, video conferencing and more. Don't you worry- it's all affordable! With several VoIP service providers in India, you can enjoy global unlimited VoIP calling plans, UK toll- free numbers and more! All this leads to increased mobility, lower hardware costs and more. Also, with the introduction of VoIP headsets, employees now are able to walk around freely, not damage their bodies and multitask well, leading to great productivity!

VoIP for call center has several features which are great, aiming to improve the productivity of call centers as a whole:

Call center reporting- It's all about real- time monitoring of key metrics, agent performance and more! It helps in the generation of reports, which are used for call center performance, individual contribution and more! Make the most out of accurate prediction of call flow and help your employees rise above all, leading to great customer engagement, brand loyalty and image too
Call Queues- This feature allows businesses to route calls to the right place or department or team. It reduces wastage of time, development of accuracy, great professionalism and more!
Business integration- It helps integrate various business tools in one to create a huge, powerful platform! The 3rd party applications like CRM software are capable of transferring data efficiently

At the end of the day, no matter how good your VoIP service provider is, your employee engagement, satisfaction and more matter the most- it's essential for businesses, irrespective of their sizes to know that businesses run because of them and it's a must to keep them happy. Only then will they keep the clients happy- it's like a chain!
VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a present day innovation that permits clients to make telephone brings over the web instaed of utilizing routine phone administrations. It is a gathering of advancements for the dispatch of voice interchanges and sight and sound sessions over web convention systems. All the customary phone applications can be keep running on VoIP - applications like outbound call focus applications and inbound IVR applications can likewise utilize VoIP administrations. VoIP calls are like general telephone calls, yet the main contrast is that brings are made over a broadband fast web association rather than conventional telephone lines.

VoIP Service Providers offers an extensive variety of VoIP web telephony administrations and answers for business and private clients. They by and large give VoIP equipment and different related administrations to the clients.

These days most clients are supplanting their conventional phones with VoIP frameworks as they have distinguished some advantages of the framework. In the event that a client has a rapid web association, then its a right alternative for them to contact a VoIP Service Provider and get an association.

7 Reasons to put resources into VoIP Services

Practical: As we as a whole know phone call rates can prompt broad bills particularly when expansive number of calls are being made, or worldwide calls are being made. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you picked VoIP Services your call rates will be less when contrasted with conventional phone call rates. It additionally offer arranges that permit you to pay for what you utilize.

Availability: Using VoIP is profiting from its vast number of components like call directing, propelled call reporting, voice message to email and call nearness which can make your VoIP encounter extremely rich and refined, for both business and individual use. Furthermore, it is likewise easy to understand as the outward appearance is some what same like the telephone framework.

Adaptability: With this VoIP framework you can work either from the solace of your home or out on a business trip, you have to quite recently sign on to a remote framework and get all the advantages readily available. This framework likewise permits you to make call to one individual and dial different augmentations and converse with colleagues.

Moderate Implementation: VoIP permits you to specifically test it out on some portion of your framework, it is not required to introduce at the same time, you can require significant investment to introduce it. This framework gives you an alternative to gradually move your telephone framework and on the off chance that if your not content with the augmentations you can stick on to your more established adaptation.

Versatility: Because VoIP frameworks essentially depend on web to exchange information and make calls it can be effectively extended, and it is extremely easy to include new lines, and numbers to the current one. Including more lines may require costly equipment modules yet for this situation you have to recently add more telephones to your system to grow.

Dispense with Phone Wiring: VoIP framework won't require new cabling rather it utilizes your current web links. By this you can stay away from telephone wiring and simply make including or moving of augmentations at a simplicity. As you evacuate your present phone association you have the choice to kill all the cabling in your building.

Less demanding to oversee on account of web/GUI based arrangement interface: An Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange (IP PBX), is an autonomous telephone organize that can be kept up by means of an electronic setup interface or a graphical client interface (GUI), allowing you to effortlessly oversee and modify your telephone framework. Restrictive telephone frameworks have testing interfaces to utilize which are generally intended to be utilized just by telephone experts.

Putting resources into VoIP Services bodes well for both new businesses and built up associations, as it is clearly a more reasonable innovation to utilize and embrace. Our VoIP Services are a great deal more worthwhile when contrasted with different frameworks as it diminishes upkeep and administration costs furthermore the call costs. So VoIP ought to be the undeniable alternative for all the organizations. Quickly contact a Best VoIP Providers now to oversee costs.

Friday, 10 February 2017

Make The Most Out Of Your Internet Connection – Pick VoIP Services

In today's time, there are probably no companies which do not sign up for broadband connection. 
CRM systems, accountancy platforms and website for file- sharing are all essential in today's time of the internet. Modern businesses equals compulsory internet connection- that's what they have in common, the one and only thing. 

What's the conclusion you get from this?

Use VoIP services to make calls anywhere and everywhere with the help of the broadband connection. 

VoIP in India came into existence a long long time ago. Now, it's progressed to a cheap yet, quality- oriented substitute for PSTN services! It offers a wide range of global unlimited calling plans which are cost- effective. 

                                  Also Read:  Call Center VoIP Trends

VoIP service providers in India also provide with several smart features which are fun to use and are very cost effective and beneficial too like click to call, video conferencing, faxing over IP and so on. 
As a matter of fact. There's nothing to lose but, everything to gain from your company if you switch to the best VoIP service provider. 

Another plus point is that you can use your resources to their fullest as well! 

If you are a broad- minded company/ human, you'll definitely sign up for business VoIP- you'll enjoy so many benefits like, rise in ROI, employee engagement and satisfaction and above all, huge profits in the long run! Also, you'll be saving up on a lot of space- For instance, you need a separate faxing equipment to send faxes. With the faxing over VoIP feature, you do not need that machine!
Also, you do not have to keep all your employees in one office- you can open up branches and spread over miles. 

Moreover, if you are overseas, you can use the holiday number feature of VoIP services and not miss out on any calls. Plus, if you want to track any employee down or, there's any other problem, features like auto- attendant, call forwarding and so on play a great role for virtual offices!
Neither will your client know where you are, nor will you miss out on any potential business opportunities if you sign up for the best VoIP service provider. 

Most importantly, toll- free number plans shall help you gain more customers because- free- calling, you know!

You do not know the power of the internet- it can build virtual offices in barely any money, all thanks to VoIP service providers in India! In fact, you can move anywhere and your VoIP service provider will make sure they too cooperate with you moving.


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