Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Know more about your VoIP features

Several aspects of VoIP make it a very flexible, efficient and scalable technology. Here's how VoIP makes it work at it's best for it's clients:

1. Faxing over VoIP

Even today, clients fax each other all the time. Some things cannot be replaced- one of the is fax.

Back then, when faxing came into being, they were used with the help of landlines. Even today, in spite of having VoIP phones, we fax using our landlines and fax machines. What if it breaks down someday and you have to send a fax immediately? VoIP offers something called digital faxing via VoIP services, eliminating the need to maintain a landline just for faxing along with a fax machine! Digital faxing has helped so many organizations send a receive files via their email inboxes. The incoming faxes can be printed, if required as they are attached to emails in an image format. Outgoing faxes also have the same procedure.

For a long time, companies haven't made use of the very versatile, VoIP services- Faxing over VoIP function. But, it's no longer so.


2. Security systems integrated

Another reason to have landlines in the office building- Not anymore!

Most security systems are integrated with analog phone for enabling operations, to allow visitors enter and so on. For a long time, this was next to impossible with the help of VoIP technology. This feature again, is not too popular amongst all- deployments can work well with security systems now to enable door locking, visitor entry and other options.

It's a good news for several enterprises which are considering to upgrade their security and VoIP systems for their premises at the same time.

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3. Call analytics

The lifeblood of any business is no more money or equipment, it's the data as a matter of fact! Data in today's time plays an integral role in every company's process to drive it towards efficiency and productivity. Voice communication is no more different. With the help of analog phones, barely any data could be collected and analyzed. Ever since VoIP has taken over the data network, integration with other software's, destinations, frequencies and so on can be generated periodically for analysis.

Analytics reports can be extremely useful for improving quality of calls, evaluating the need of new features or to determine customer satisfaction as well. You'll have all the information like, where the voice mails are being re- routed, whether the signals are always busy or not and so on.

4. Call screening

Call screening options using analog phones were very limited back then. It was frustrating and extremely distracting. Some action was needed on the receiver's end which would cause major interruptions at crucial points of time! VoIP technology is simple- users can set up their own rules with regard to when their phones could ring or where.

For instance, the CEO of xyz company can block 3 hours a day during which the calls are automatically redirected to his colleague or the concerned individual and is allowed to contact the CEO only through their office. The rest is sent across as voice mails.

5. Find me / follow me

All the users have to do is as a list of numbers which can be used when they have to get in touch with him via call. All these numbers either ring one by one or simultaneously so that the caller is able to reach the user irrespective of where he is! This feature can be combined with call screening to make sure that only certain numbers can reach out to them.

6. 'Whisper to employees'

This is a funny yet amazingly effective one, especially, beneficial for the sales team of any company. All they need to do is put the client on hold and clarify their doubt or finish any task quickly and go back to work. That way, they do not lose out on their customers and their colleague too can help them instantly!

VoIP is not just a technology, it's beyond that. Reason being, it can provide so much by taking so little. Make the most out of VoIP to see great results!

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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

How Small Business Can Now Benefit From Business VoIP Phone service

VoIP Services are getting popular amongst small businesses as well! Small business VoIP is the best business VoIP phone service and can take them a long way towards expanding their business out there, in the competitive world where every company need every edge it can obtain. Here's the thing- you want to make better choices with regard to a modern work space? You need to get in touch with VoIP Vendors, do your research and get the one to increase savings and reduce expenses as much as you can. Remember, you're small and want to get big- this is the way out!

Here are several advantages of owning business phone service which shall help your small businesses to flourish:


Affordability- Over time, VoIP phone systems for small businesses became more attractive because of the promise of low costs for small businesses. The internet can be taken advantage of to reduce the cost of calls by small businesses thus, reducing the investment cost of expensive hard wares like bulky servers and so on. Not just that, with the help of VoIP Service plans, long distance call rates drop drastically leading to more savings.

Scalability- A good small business grows when they install VoIP phones- that's how the business grows as well. There's no worry with regard to an increase in the number of employees- all you need to do is add virtual extensions, no need of cables and wiring either. With the help of IP telephony, one can even open offices in several states, cities and so on. VoIP can connect every office with the other. There's no need for you to spend time, energy and money on installing VoIP Services for each office anymore!

Mobility- VoIP system allows several users to communicate with each other even outside the office. Users can make use of several additional features like call forwarding, video conferencing, emailing, faxing, voice mailing and so on. One can also use holiday numbers provided by their VoIP service providers and make international calls at the most minimal rates, creating no hindrance to their work wherever they go!

The ease of usage- There was a lot of manpower involved with traditional phone services- managing phones, maintain them and so on. This no more shall be an issue once you switch to hosted VoIP. Reasons being, communication gets manageable and easy to use too! Also, if one has nay doubts, they can contact customer care immediately and they'll take care of the rest.

These are just a few of the innumerable benefits one can get by subscribing to one of the best VoIP solution provider.

VoIP is great. However, choosing the right VoIP service provider is the key. How to do that? It's simple- just do your research well- read through testimonials and reviews because they are the only evidences of real users. Not just that, have clarity with regard to what you want and if you are unsure, ensure your VoIP Service Provider is flexible enough to switch from one calling plans to the other every now and then. Most importantly, see find out how good the customer care is and how good their network availability is. There's no point in signing for a cheap service plan if they have terrible network coverage and the customer care is totally unreachable.

Make the most out of VoIP and good luck to your business! May it be the best and efficient of the rest.